Sky Church a temporary social network. In contrast to social media, Sky Church is private media. Will the network last one year? ten years? The point is that we live only for a limited time. The purpose of Sky Church is to provide a space for people to take a rest from public social media, to share their journey in and out of religion, or to simply join a community where you can belong.

This social network is being started by Brian John Karcher, who is acting independently of any organization and providing this space free of charge. Brian is working with a few friends to set the table for a better online experience.

Our world is splintered into uncountable pieces. Might we find the path of healing, bonding, and renewal?


Sky Church is intended to be a private media site for people outside the gates of Christianity, and for those people willing to go outside the confines of their own religion, whether that be Muslim or Jew or atheist or Christian or simply “done”. We all carry our background stories with us, and as such, the tone of Sky Church will take shape as people join and participate. The intent here is not to unify people around certain ideologies or religions, but to create a space for us to explore each other’s journeys.

We are united here by a hope for a better community, a recognition that we all have diverse gifts, and a passionate desire for inclusion of all people without building walls. We are driven by an “other’s first” attitude and seek to learn about other people more than promoting our own brand of religion.